Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oreo Pops

I came up with this the other day.  Well, I can't say for sure that no one else has ever achieved the greatness that I call "Oreo Pops", but what I mean is that this idea is without a recipe or inspiration from someone else.  Maybe it's because I'm attracted to all the colors that Wilton Candy Melts come in.  When I saw orange at the store, I immediately thought of pumpkins and I needed something round to go with them.  Hello Oreos!

They are fairly easy.  Just stick a lollipop stick in the frosting of a double stuff oreo cookie.  Melt the candy melts according to the direction on the package.  I also add about 1-2 teaspoons of shortening to thin the melts out a bit.  I think it helps with the dipping.  Never use water to thin out candy melts.  Vegetable oil and shortening are your best options.  I stuck mine in an empty box to stand upright while they dried.

Then, I took an edible marker to draw Jack o'Lantern faces on the Oreo Pops.  I got tired of drawing faces, so I wrote words like "boo" and "eek" on a few of them.  Clever, I know.

Oreo Pops.  They're spooktacular!

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