Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Choclate Chip Cookies - Part II

Austin and I worked on the cookie recipe yesterday.  I read someplace that the reason for the cookies spreading so much could be as simple as the dough just needing to be refrigerated before hand.  While the girls were napping, Austin and I set out to test this hypothesis.  His words...not mine.  I'm raising a scientist.

We halved the batch because we don't need that many cookies lying around our house.  Austin might disagree but since he never gains a pound, and since I have no self-control, I win.  When the dough was ready, it sat in the fridge for an hour.

The results were better.  But not my perfect cookie.  Incidentally, if your perfect cookie is thin, crispy on the outside, and goey on the inside, then just ask, and boy do I have the recipe for you!  The cookies taste awesome.  But, I'm on a mission to figure out how to thicken them up.  I know the problem.  It's the butter.  It's adding a lot of moisture and causing the cookie to spread.  The other problem is that I love the taste of a buttery cookie so I will substitute with some shortening as a last resort.  Plus, the butter is also responsible for that crip outer layer I'm seeking. 

Therefore, I reject our hypothesis.  Next step...more flour to bind with the moisture.

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